50-50 Leg Lock Attacks with Dan Faggella

Multiple Attacks from the 50-50 Guard:

Toe Hold Attack:

Notice I keep the foot super tight to the chest when I'm going for this submission.

Notice I keep the foot super tight to the chest when I’m going for this submission.

Grab the outside of the opponents far knee with your far hand (opposite side of him). This means you right hand will grab over his right knee. As you pull his knee inward, you’ll move you hips back to get your trapped knee to the ground.

Keep the shin tight to your chest as you reach back for the foot – in this case with the left hand. Reach the right hand under to grab your own left wrist. Then rotate with the body to finish – remembering always to keep your forearm tight to your chest.

Crank Variation:

If my opponent stands I can also spin and rotate underneath him, using my shin in the back of his calf to force the calf crank position. This leaves his other foot open for me to get the toe hold. I’ll reach underneath the far leg with my inside arm (my right arm in this case) and use my left leg to swing for momentum.

If for whatever reason the toe hold doesn’t finish, I can come up on top and start towards Devin’s back. It’s important to knock him all the way to his knees so that the weight is off of his foot and it’s available to be attacked. The shin pressure directly behind the knee is one of the biggest factors in getting him to respond by kneeling. Once you’ve got him there, the second toe hold option opens up BIG TIME!

All the best, and happy leg locking,

-Daniel Faggella

PS: The Toe Hold Mini-Course that I put together goes over a ton more setups in a ton more detail. If you’re interested in tapping close to anyone – Toe Holds are the number one tool on my belt to get the job done!

PPS: Remember that the work should be done at least 60% with your grips alone! Tightness initially with your hands is the key to using a lot less muscle for the finish. “It’s all in the wrists.”


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